Apparent View developed through investigating our relationship to straight lines and is a sight responsive installation originally created in 2010 for the Tilt Yard on the Datington Estate in Devon. 
Initially I was motivated to question the absence of straight lines in nature since this form appears providing an often dominating structure, shaping our surroundings, roads and gardens. I worked with a group of nursery children combining movement and drawing to explore at what point in our development do inherit and become aware of a sense of the straight line, the results were more expressive than decipherable.     
I began to work with nylon chord and video to track journeys that I made in open and closed landscapes. Through these investigations I came to learn something of my sense of upright orientation in relationship with the horizon. I made Apparent View in an attempt to demarcate this common, standing perspective of seeing space.  ​​​​​​​
Photography : Felipe Godoy
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