Down to the Sea/Lawr i’r Mor - 
In Down to the Sea, Dance Artist Rosalind Holgate Smith and musician/composer Caro C  come together to create an immersive performance. Audience receive headphones and are guided on a journey down to the sea, that takes in relationships with the people of Caernarfon, the castle and the sea. The work features voices of local residents and is inspired by the quote “Yma wyf finna i fod”,“I am where I am supposed to be”, which can be found inscribed in slate on Caernarfon promenade.
Commissioned by STAMP, and Arts Council Wales
Choreography: Rosalind Holgate Smith
Dancers: Rosalind Holgate Smith and Lisa Spaull
Sound/music: Caro C -
Voices: Harry Williams (95 year old fisherman), Manon Awst (artist), Bethany Celyn (artist)
Music inspired by “Yma wyf finna i fod” by Geraint Lovgreen, words
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