SAVE THE DATE 2023: This Year PJAM will run with a longer format, from 9-15th October with the first 3 days for intensive labbing and research followed by 3 days for jamming! You may join for part 1/2 or both!
Thank you!
PJAM invites dedicated CI dancers to an autumnal gathering in the green grounds of Ponderosa. With optimal time for dancing, we host a space that invites your questions, inspires investigation and cultivates community exchange. 
We will be an intimate group of 30 dancers coming together to nourish our bodies, inspire our dances and in times of radical change; explore new and vital forms of practice.​​​​​​​ 
The price includes delicious vegan/vegetarian food, lush studios, green pastures for walks and a nearby river-for swimmers: €300 (dormitory) €340 (double room).
Please register all enquiries via the online form > > > Bookings will be confirmed following your expression of interest, an acceptance from both sides & €100 deposit 
We look forward to warmly welcome you, your hosts : Rosalind Holgate Smith and Katja Keya Richter
Schedule Overview (details to be added) 
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