These days the walls between worlds are thin
A shaking is awakening in me
A restlessness to move
A trembling earthquake ripples from somewhere inside out along my skin
into the entire space around
It travels along and through the ground
Shifting and sifting sand
Shaking it all up

There is almost no inside
The house too…the television and the beds
All are shifting.
Everything is at stake
Maybe we will lose things?
Like the everyday contents of drawers and cupboards
And that old stuff 
that has been gathering dust

I wonder if you can see me shaking
Whether you know you are a part of this moving landscape?

Stillness seeps remedy over control
Nothing now nothing still
Even the birch trees

It’s not that it has to end now
The world to enter another
But it is time to give a little respect to humour 

Pleasant air
A Breeze
Wide open

Could it be enough?
Just you beside me
Just the presence of your touch

Sometimes firm
Sometimes soft

Could it be just time
The time that you give to be willingly present
That takes two,
me with you and you with me
How nice that we have appeared

I notice I am breathing better
Now that you are here
And I wonder 
If we were to walk to the top of a mountain
Whether there on the peak 
We could breathe better still?

Exposed to the elements
Closer to the clouds
Skin: our pores open 
We stand in the cold air 
In all but t-shirts 
open to the winds caress 
A fresh time falls
And I am not shaking now 
But breathing in presence with you
Strong, light and alive

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