Love is empty
like a bottomless pit
a hollow 

you cannot grasp 
for she is a golden crown, shattered into a thousand pieces
like a broken windscreen the parts are impossible to take out of your car

Love is a stranger
always hanging around
wondering when out of waiting,  will be the opportunity... 
the space to expand

love is all about time, 
time to have sex now, not later
for she is forever likely to run away on a plateau of another thousand dreams
love is inside
all but the ocean vast and infinite

Remember again you cannot grasp love. 
You cannot think, for she will take you under, beneath, where you cannot breath 
but only surrender
Give her a chance and
she will come back, relentless
do you see there ahead….the onslaught of yet another thousand crashing waves

...Breath out 
until you forget where you have come from and where you will go

although you think it is your mind again that shouts and screams
it is love
stuck in the knots of your mothers finest necklace

love is
without understanding
all the facts that break through the cracks

Do you see?
love is seeing
seeing you
to be all and more than you are.

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