About my Approach 
I teach swimming with the Alexander technique which is a body awareness practice that underlines alignment and helps to enhance efficient, functional movement patterns. As applied to swimming the Alexander technique identifies areas of release in order to amplify propulsive force, increasing speed, distance and enjoyment in streamlining the stroke and enhancing the glide through the water. Classes include exercises on land and in the water with hands on touch offered to guide awareness of body placement and aid in the release of unnecessary tension. This method, is called The Shaw Method as it was developed by Steven Shaw, for more information visit: https://www.artofswimming.com
I have been a Shaw Method Swimming Instructor since 2014 and have delivered personalised training for beginners, people with injuries, professional swimmers and tri-athletes.  I specialise in open water swimming, that comes from my love of being outdoors. I was formerly a competitive swimmer and I hold also an STA swim teachers qualification.  Aside from swimming I offer also 1x1 aquatic bodywork a deep relaxation therapy that is very effective for people with a fear of water. 
One-to-one Classes
Personalised teaching on a one to one basis,  appropriate for beginners, people with injuries or disabilities, professional swimmers and tri-athletes. 
Group Courses
Group classes provide an opportunity to focus upon and improve a specific stroke. I also give courses tailored to specialist groups such as competitive open water swimmers, those wanting to try cold water swimming and get clued up on health and safety, or people wanting to focus on refining details such as breathwork or rotation.​​​​​​​
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