The Unveiling is a slow ritual undressing of clothes and the social layers beneath which we exist. In this performance participants are invited to dive into the affects of touch, and explore the skin as continuous, through the orifices of the mouth, nose, anus and into the digestive tract. 
Sometimes lead as a workshop, the Unvieling can be experienced and guided as a somatic meditation in which participants focus on sustaining slow continuous pressure as they travel and slide along surfaces including the ground, skin, the fabric of clothes and each other. 
As slowly as possible performers undress oneself and each other, pausing just at times to see and be seen.
To view the film: Password: Pause
The Unvieling has been performed at TabooFestival in Berlin, June 2024, at Touch&Play Festival in Somerset in August 2022, at Sex& Smoothies in February in 2022, and at Medleys in November 2022 a film was made that premieried at Molt in Berlin in August 2023.
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