March, May, June 2024
Focusing on touch, this dance training offers an opportunity to develop a strong CI skill base and Contemporary Technique. Introducing a vocabulary of touch we we will work somatically, technically and anatomically, focusing on themes of Listening, Gravity, Weight, Fluidity, Momentum, Spiralling, Fascia and Flight. Some basic CI experience is required. The 8 day course is spread over 3-weekend modules:  March 15th-17th,  May 18th-19th, June 21-23rd 2024. You may sign up to modules separately or participate in all 3 for the full course and its progressive content. For full details & registration

Contact Improvisation Mondays Class *7-8.30pm, Jam *8.30-10.30pm @ Schonfließer straße 7, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin €10-15 (with rotating facilitators Vega Lukkonnen and Katja Richter)
Touch Lab : In these somatic movement sessions I am sharing the vocabulary of touch emerging from my PhD research on Touch as an encounter with Otherness and the dance form Contact Improvisation. €5-15 
Contact Improvisation Wednesdays Jam with warm up *8.15-11pm @k77 Studio  Kastanienalle 77, Berlin  (with rotating facilitators)
CI in the Future Thursdays *4-5.30pm @K77, StudioKastanienalle 77, Berlin. Starts Jan 4th 2024. A Somatics approach into Instant Composition, Ensemble Thinking and Contact Improvisation. In this class we will work with dance as a 3D art making practice, introducing techniques of touch, sensation, imagery and drawing to invite curiousity and receptivity towards the worlds we are always already moving into. Led by Rosalind Holgate Smith and Katkatarzyna Brzezinska. €10-15 sliding scale
Everyone is welcome to drop in to any of the above sessions, if you have questions or accessibility needs please contact me for more information.

Water Dance-Swimming under the Skin workshop 26th March & 9th April 17.30-20.00 Lichtenfelde Oct, Berlin 
Hugging Holding & Squeezing, a Contact Improvisation workshop in Dresden, Germany, 13th May 2023
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